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At the time, it was very difficult, at least for me, to decide the itinerary. I wanted to see this and that, to visit Sydney and see Ayer Rock. See the coral reef and also the mango plantations. In summary I wanted to see everything. But I ran into one “huge” thing: distances. The places on the map seemed so close, but instead they were 2,000 or 3,000 kilometers away. Full days of travel, hours and hours by car.

Living here, I must say that I too now measure everything in “travel hours”. Albany, it’s 5 hours. Shark Bay is 8 hours away, it means 800 kilometers. Oh yes, because once you get in the car, press the accelerator, you settle at 100 per hour, from there you don’t undo it, unless you decide to stop, because intersections and traffic lights don’t exist.

Itinerary no. 1- THE BEST OF AUSTRALIA: four jumps from Sydney to Darwin
The first of the australia itineraries is very similar to what I did at the time, and allows you to visit a bit all the main destinations of Australia , those known destinations, where you can discover Australian icons, such as Uluru or the Opera House. The ones you have to go to at least once in your life to say ” yes, I’ve been to the down-under continent “.

from sydney to dawin
Itinerary no. 2 – FROM ADELAIDE TO CAIRNS: Australia east coast
It is an itinerary dedicated to the eastern part of Australia, that is the most lively Australia, where most of the people live, where there are more cities and countries. Among the australia on the road itineraries, this is a super on the road itinerary, which starts from Adelaide, arrives in Cairns, passing through fabulous cities and landscapes. All strictly by car.

from adelaide to cairns

Route No. 3 – FROM PERTH TO PERTH: Australia west coast
The third of the Australian itineraries represents what for me is on the road in the down-under continent: a journey on red roads, the one in the middle of nowhere, accompanied by the blue sky and blue sea. You see that I live here, right? Joking aside, it’s one of the less traveled areas. Western Australia is one third of the Australian territory and only 2 and a half million inhabitants live there (out of 25 million throughout Australia). This tells you a lot about how little inhabited it is, and for this reason you are fascinated.

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