Tips for Finding the Best Hotel Deals

Hotel prices fluctuate day-to-day, and it can be intimidating to find the best hotel deals amidst all the available resources. Whether you are booking hotels for trips months ahead or clocking on the last-minute rush, online tools are the best for comparing prices and calling the hotel directly for further inquiries. Online resources allow customers to find hotel deals within their budget and with little time and effort. Here are some tips to help you find the best hotel deals for your budget:

Book in advance

Reserve a hotel month before peak time allows customers to get the best deals during peak time. As stated earlier, hotel prices fluctuate a lot; you stand a chance to pay for a hotel room when the prices are still low, unlike waiting until everybody is rushing to book a hotel for the next summertime. Also, keep in mind that booking a hotel during the weekdays is less likely to be cheaper than during the weekends when guests are streaming in continuously.

Browse booking sites

Booking sites do some of their legwork, finding the best deals for their clients. All you need is to input the dates you will be arriving and the date of departure and maybe the number of people you are travelling with and leave the rest to them. You may also mention the type of amenities you would like, for example, workout facilities, internet access, handicap accessibility, and your budget. They will do the rest.

Check hotel website

Some hotels offer steep discounts when you book directly from their website. Select the dates and the type of amenities you would like, whether you will be alone or in a group, and let them price you. You will be amazed to get deals you would never get from booking sites. You will compare the prices with other hotels in that area and decide what fits in your budget. And if you are entirely unfamiliar with the hotel, customer reviews will serve you while rating hotels. Reading online reviews will hint you with other tips you might need to know about the hotel—things like cleanliness, customer support, quality of services, food, and more.

Checking websites and online reviews is the best way to find the top resort accommodation for families.

Call the hotel directly

After looking at the prices from their websites, it is high time you call them. Chances are, you might get additional discounts from talking to the staff, and even crazy discounts if you talk to someone in a managerial position. You can also challenge them that you just found another hotel of the same size but offering a lower price. They will be challenged to beat the price and win your offer. Also mention if you are celebrating events like birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, etc., they will be glad to offer you special discounts.

Ask for discounts

If you are looking for a group or a special event, don’t hesitate to ask for discount coupons. You might get discounts for a group booking, frequent business traveller rates, veteran rates, etc. Don’t wait to ask for discounts.

Bundle hotel and flight

If you bundle your flight and hotel booking, sometimes you might land in huge savings. Unfortunately, if something comes up and you want to change reservations, it can be nearly impossible. Look for reservations from travel agents with bundled services for the best deals in town.

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