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If you love to travel and ever want to make the most of it, you cannot go without exploring Australia. With the biggest forests to the most amazing landscapes and wildlife, Australia has it all. With that said, Direct Airtours is an organization specializing in Tours in Australia that looks out for you as you make your attempt at exploring this diverse land.

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Direct Airtours puts immense emphasis on customer satisfaction and therefore blends the perfect mixture of all the best places to visit in Australia. This, we achieve through experienced guides that have lived most parts of their lives in different parts of Australia.

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The services that we provide to best utilize your adventure time in Australia are:

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In addition to our complete guided holiday packages, we provide a more flexible tour that ranges for an entire day or half a day. These tours are for sightseeing and focus on the main attractions in Australia with the short duration that it is undertaken in.


Holiday Package

Our guided holiday services are for those tourists that want to dedicate their vacations to exploring Australia through and through. Customers in this service package get custom made itineraries to best utilize their time on holidays as they explore Australia. We cater to both natives and foreigners for these tours and explore accordingly.

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What Makes Day Spa Gold Coast the Ultimate Oasis of Relaxation and Rejuvenation?

Are you yearning for a haven of tranquillity amidst the excitement of the Gold Coast? Look no further than the enchanting world of day spas. Nestled along the picturesque shores, these sanctuaries offer a retreat from the hustle and bustle, promising a rejuvenating experience like no other. But what makes Day Spa Gold Coast the ultimate destination for relaxation and pampering? In this article, we will embark on a journey to uncover the secrets that make these luxurious havens an essential stop for anyone seeking blissful serenity. So, let’s immerse ourselves in the world of Day Spa Gold Coast and discover the magic that awaits.

I. Embracing Serenity: The Enchanting Ambiance of Day Spa Gold Coast

A. Can Calmness Be Crafted? The Art of Creating Serene Spaces

The moment you step into Day Spa Gold Coast, you’re enveloped in an aura of tranquillity. The soft hues, soothing scents, and gentle melodies seem to transport you to a realm of pure relaxation. The art of crafting such a serene ambiance lies in meticulous attention to detail. Spa designers carefully select colours that promote calmness, often opting for soothing pastel tones like soft blues, greens, and lilacs. These colours have been scientifically proven to lower stress levels and induce a sense of tranquillity. The choice of scents, such as lavender or eucalyptus, is based on their proven calming and stress-relieving properties. Moreover, soft, ambient music further enhances the sense of serenity, with carefully curated playlists designed to slow your heart rate and ease your mind. These elements are strategically combined to create an environment where you can leave your worries at the door and immerse yourself in a state of pure bliss.

B. Personalized Perfection: Tailored Treatments for Every Guest

At Day Spa Gold Coast, one size does not fit all. Each treatment is thoughtfully customised to meet your unique needs and desires. The journey to personalised perfection begins with a consultation, where skilled therapists take the time to understand your preferences, health concerns, and the outcomes you seek. Whether you seek a revitalising massage to soothe tense muscles or a rejuvenating facial to enhance your natural glow, the experts at Day Spa Gold Coast ensure your experience is personalised to perfection. They draw from an extensive repertoire of therapies, ranging from traditional Swedish massages to innovative skin rejuvenation treatments. This individualised approach not only delivers maximum results but also creates a sense of being genuinely cared for and nurtured. You’ll find that each treatment is a harmonious blend of techniques and products, all tailored to help you achieve your desired state of relaxation and well-being.

II. The Art of Pampering: Experiencing Blissful Treatments at Day Spa Gold Coast

A. Indigenous Wisdom: The Heartbeat of Australian Therapies

Day Spa Gold Coast proudly celebrates its connection to the land and the local culture by incorporating Indigenous Australian therapies into their treatments. Drawing inspiration from ancient wisdom and using natural elements like native botanicals, these therapies provide a profound sense of connection and well-being. Treatments may include traditional smoking ceremonies or the use of native ingredients like Kakadu plum, renowned for its antioxidant properties. The underlying philosophy of these therapies revolves around balance and harmony, aligning your mind, body, and spirit with the rhythms of nature. What makes these Indigenous-inspired treatments truly exceptional is the homage they pay to the region’s rich heritage while offering a soul-enriching experience. By embracing the wisdom of the land’s traditional custodians, Day Spa Gold Coast elevates its offerings to a holistic level, one that rejuvenates not only your body but also your soul.

B. Oceanic Serenade: Harmonising with the Sea

Surrounded by the majestic ocean, Day Spa Gold Coast embraces the rejuvenating power of the sea in its treatments. The therapeutic benefits of the ocean have long been recognized, and day spas on the Gold Coast capitalise on this by incorporating marine-based skincare products and treatments. Seaweed wraps and salt scrubs exfoliate and nourish the skin, while hydrotherapy sessions in heated pools help to ease tension and promote relaxation. The rhythmic sound of the waves combined with the gentle caress of sea-inspired treatments transport you to a world of bliss, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised. The synergy between the sea and the spa amplifies the sense of harmony and peace that pervades Day Spa Gold Coast. The connection to the ocean not only enhances the effectiveness of the treatments but also creates an immersive experience that deepens your sense of relaxation and well-being.

As we bid farewell to our exploration of Day Spa Gold Coast, it becomes evident why these luxurious sanctuaries are an essential part of the Gold Coast experience. The art of crafting serenity and offering personalised treatments creates an oasis of relaxation, while the infusion of Indigenous wisdom and oceanic wonders amplifies the soul-enriching experience.

So, the next time you find yourself in need of an escape, consider indulging in the enchanting world of Day Spa Gold Coast. Allow yourself to be pampered, rejuvenated, and enveloped in the magic of these serene retreats, and book a pamper session with the girls. Let the Gold Coast’s day spas be your sanctuary, a place where time stands still, worries fade away, and your mind and body find perfect harmony.

Tips for finding function rooms in Gold Coast

Organising a corporate event is not an easy task. There are so many decisions which you would have to make and choosing the right venue and location would be your prime decision which would have an impact on the whole event as well.

Finding function rooms in Gold Coast might seem like a simple enough task however it entails a great deal more. It is best that you start looking for function rooms in Gold Coast in advance. In order to find a function room you need to have an idea of your budget and the estimated size of the event along with the space requirements.

What you need to keep in mind for finding function rooms in Gold Coast

It is often advised to look a room at least eight months in advance so that you have ample time to plan other things like finding the right speakers for creating an event program.

One of the most important factors in selecting a venue for your event includes the prime location. For any local event it is important that you find  a venue which is the reasonable distance from the home of most of the attendance. However is the event is sponsored for Overseas visitors then it is best that the venue is somewhere near the airport or near the hotel where the guests are staying.

You might also need to provide some of the attendees with the mobile event app which would have the map along with the driving directions and the information so that they would be able to find the venue without any difficulty.

You also need to know about the parking area offered by the venue host. Sometimes a venue which has enough space for parking is the best choice however if that is not the case you might need to ask your guess to park the cars in the parking lots which are nearby.

You also need to know the room capacity for several reasons, for example you won’t be able to fit 200 people into a room which has been design for 100 people only for stop also most when yours have fire and safety course which requires the event holders to provide the host with the number of guests who would be attending the event.

One of the most important things that you shouldn’t forget are the food and beverage minimums. This means that you need to spend a minimum amount on the food and the beverage to ensure that you all your guest are served properly. There are several function venues which also offer the services but if the venue doesn’t then you might need to hire a caterer for it as well.

Last but not the least do not forget to sign up on track with the when you provider because in case there is a change in the dates and the settings of the venue you wouldn’t want yourself to be at the inconvenience of having to forego your venue.

Keeping these things in mind would allow you to find the best venue for your functions in Gold Coast.

Things you must know before you get whale watching deals in Hervey Bay

Most people in Hervey bay find whale watching to be a phenomenal experience especially when they are doing it as a family. Whales are usually fascinating and breathtaking and therefore, if you are planning to have a holiday or weekend off work and with your family, you can consider getting whale watching deals. However, when you are planning to get your whale watching deals, it will be important for you to know several things ahead.

Four factors to know before you get your whale watching deals

When you are planning to get your whale watching deals in Hervey Bay, you need to know the following things:

  • The best whale watching season

You do not want to take a whale watching deal during the seasons when there are a few whales for you to watch. Instead, you must get the deals when you are assured that you will see as many whales swimming and jumping in the water. Therefore, the first important thing that you must know when you are paying for your whale watching deals is the best season for whale watching.

Make sure that you ask about this topic even before you pay for the dales. It makes sure that you are not frustrated because your loved ones do not enjoy the trip you thought they would enjoy. When you know about the best whale watching season, then you will give them the phenomenal and incredible trip of their dreams.

  • Whale watching destinations

There are so many water bodies in Hervey Bay but not all of them are destinations for whale watching. This is why you need to know about the whale watching destinations that you can get deals for during a whale watching destination. Always make sure that you are selecting the destinations that have the best sights for whale watching.

  • If you can take kids for whale watching

It is also important for you to find out whether you can take your kids with you for whale watching if you secure your deal. This is to make sure that you know whether the whale watching deals are great for families of adults only.

  • The costs of the whale watching deals

Whale watching deals may cost differently depending on where you are going for whale watching in Hervey Bay. This is why you need to make sure that you know how much it will cost you to get the whale watching deals. This helps you plan yourself so that you may afford to acquire the deals when the time comes.

Can I ever regret paying for whale watching deals in Hervey Bay?

This is a tough question for anyone who keeps asking themselves before they pay for their whale watching deals in Hervey Bay. However, you should find the answer to that question before you pay for any whale watching deals. Honestly, you can find yourself regretting after you pay for the whale watching deals, especially if you do not have a great time with your family as you wanted.

You need to know the kind of time that you have during your whale watching vacation in Hervey Bay will be determined by how prepared you are while watching the event. Therefore you need to make sure that you park the required equipment that can make you have a better time as well as choose the best destination. This way you will enjoy every minute of your whale watching moment.

Check out the popular Spirit of Hervey Bay whale watching packages.

How To Clean Your Silicone Wristbands

Silicone wristbands have been around for a while due to how lightweight and versatile they are.  They are great souvenirs for special occasions. However, these products come in contact with many hands before they reach the consumer. They can carry a load of diseases and germs, so cleaning them before use is essential.

The silicone wristbands in Australia can be worn for decades because they are durable. All that is left for the wearer is to make sure that they take care of them. The form and shape of these bands do not change, they just must be cleaned after a short while. Silicone wristbands that are not cleaned regularly end up looking dirty. This is why regular cleaning of these bands is essential.

Tips for cleaning these bands

Wristbands are lovely, pretty easy to clean and maintain. However, very few people will remember to clean them even if they wear them all year round. If you are looking forward to cleaning these wristbands in Australia, you must learn some special tips to help you achieve your goals. The following are some of the tips that will help anyone clean their silicone wristbands without any straining or struggles but still keep them clean all the time.

  • Use warm water, detergent and a soft-bristled brush

Begin by mixing the detergent with warm water and then soak the wristband on the mixture for a few minutes. This is to make sure that the dirt sticking on the band becomes easy to remove. After removing the band from the water, use the soft-bristled brush to scrub the bands. Always make sure that you are scrubbing the band gently, especially if it has debossed or embossed markings. Once you are done, use clean water to rinse the bands and let them dry.

  • Liquid soap, cold and hot water and sponge

This is the second way you can choose to clean your silicone wristbands in Australia. Mix the liquid soap and the hot water, and then soak the band for a moment. Remove the band from the solution and ensure that you wipe the surface with the sponge removing all the residue, dirt and stains. After wiping it, soak the band in the cold water for about 15 minutes and then take it out and wipe it once more until it’s dry.

  • Cotton and cuticle stick

The last method can only be used with silicone wristbands that have debossed or embossed markings. Once you use one of the two cleaning methods discussed above, clean the sections with the markings using this method. Once you clean the band and all the dirt and stains are removed, wrap some cotton on the wet cuticle stick. Use the stick to remove any grime, dirt and residue that is caught in the marked areas.

How to take care of the silicone wristbands

Although the AAC silicone wristbands are naturally durable, one needs to make users take care of them. Apart from cleaning them, there are other ways that one should make use of these bands. When you be mindful of the following things, you prolong the life of your wristband:

  • Never expose the band to direct sunlight for a long time since it can affect its elasticity.
  • Store it separately from the other bracelets
  • Avoid overly stretching the band
  • Avoid cleaning the band when bathing since it may end up ruining it
  • Avoid wearing the band to bed since it could wear away on its edges

Tips for Finding the Best Hotel Deals

Hotel prices fluctuate day-to-day, and it can be intimidating to find the best hotel deals amidst all the available resources. Whether you are booking hotels for trips months ahead or clocking on the last-minute rush, online tools are the best for comparing prices and calling the hotel directly for further inquiries. Online resources allow customers to find hotel deals within their budget and with little time and effort. Here are some tips to help you find the best hotel deals for your budget:

Book in advance

Reserve a hotel month before peak time allows customers to get the best deals during peak time. As stated earlier, hotel prices fluctuate a lot; you stand a chance to pay for a hotel room when the prices are still low, unlike waiting until everybody is rushing to book a hotel for the next summertime. Also, keep in mind that booking a hotel during the weekdays is less likely to be cheaper than during the weekends when guests are streaming in continuously.

Browse booking sites

Booking sites do some of their legwork, finding the best deals for their clients. All you need is to input the dates you will be arriving and the date of departure and maybe the number of people you are travelling with and leave the rest to them. You may also mention the type of amenities you would like, for example, workout facilities, internet access, handicap accessibility, and your budget. They will do the rest.

Check hotel website

Some hotels offer steep discounts when you book directly from their website. Select the dates and the type of amenities you would like, whether you will be alone or in a group, and let them price you. You will be amazed to get deals you would never get from booking sites. You will compare the prices with other hotels in that area and decide what fits in your budget. And if you are entirely unfamiliar with the hotel, customer reviews will serve you while rating hotels. Reading online reviews will hint you with other tips you might need to know about the hotel—things like cleanliness, customer support, quality of services, food, and more.

Checking websites and online reviews is the best way to find the top resort accommodation for families.

Call the hotel directly

After looking at the prices from their websites, it is high time you call them. Chances are, you might get additional discounts from talking to the staff, and even crazy discounts if you talk to someone in a managerial position. You can also challenge them that you just found another hotel of the same size but offering a lower price. They will be challenged to beat the price and win your offer. Also mention if you are celebrating events like birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, etc., they will be glad to offer you special discounts.

Ask for discounts

If you are looking for a group or a special event, don’t hesitate to ask for discount coupons. You might get discounts for a group booking, frequent business traveller rates, veteran rates, etc. Don’t wait to ask for discounts.

Bundle hotel and flight

If you bundle your flight and hotel booking, sometimes you might land in huge savings. Unfortunately, if something comes up and you want to change reservations, it can be nearly impossible. Look for reservations from travel agents with bundled services for the best deals in town.

4 Ways to Plan a Romantic Weekend Getaway

This world is not short of romantic spots, the enthusiasts can plan all fifty-two weekends each year to cherish their moments together and will not fall short of the romantic destinations. But it’s all about the busy schedules of today’s life that makes it harder for two people to spend some quality time with each other. So here we are with four must-follow tips on how to plan and make the most of your next romantic weekend getaways nsw to rejuvenate your love away from the hassle of the daily routines.

Prefer destinations with inherent Nature

We understand that couples want to be with each other on romantic getaways but that does not mean that you don’t leave your hotel room and use room service the whole weekend. We suggest you choose a destination which has inherent nature to celebrate. The aura of jungles, mountains, or beaches disconnect you from the world and help you connect. Secondly and most importantly, leave your mobile phones and gadgets at the hotel to have an offbeat experience of your romantic getaway. The whole idea is to reignite the spark and these daily gadgets can blemish the concept.

Go offseason

Attaining these short romantic breaks in the form of weekend getaways has the aim of escaping the crowds and spend time with each other. So the better option is planning offseason. That way you will make the most of the time and the solitude the place offers. Busy hotels, bustling streets, and transport, long lines for popcorns, and movies would mar the charm of a romantic getaway.

Rent a secluded house

Though sunsets in splendid suits of skyscrapers never lose their charms, we would suggest you rent a private, romantic, or maybe a famous place for yourself near a waterfall or a beach or a forest whatever your taste is, to have one of its kind experience. Imagine a cottage amid the natural scenery, and you two are having a candlelight dinner and watching the starry sky late at night with your favorite drinks in hands, covered in blankets, enjoying the cold and slipping the kids, and the worldly hassles for a couple of days. This is probably the best surprise you can plan for your partner on your next weekend getaway.

Don’t try too hard

By calling it a romantic weekend getaway, you try hard to make it romantic and lovey-dovey and the harder you try the difficult it becomes to keep up and the whole offshoot ends in disappointment. The aim is to spend a memorable time with each other away from the hassle of daily life. So there you go, we will suggest you to keep your next romantic getaway a surprise for your partner till the end. After all, it’s just a matter of two nights so don’t plan much. Just keeping a hot spa, or walking on the beach, or drinks at the rooftop of your favorite bar or wearing your little black dress for the dinner is enough to make it romantic. Don’t just try too hard to please each other!


Looking back on the first road trips, I smile if I think of how many mistakes I made, how long it took me to organize them and I forgot something on time. The first on the road in Namibia was a disaster: we didn’t know the car, so that we spent hours in the sun with the car covered up just because we didn’t know that to activate the 4 × 4, just “turn a butterfly” was enough directly in the wheels!

So, I thought to summarize the main stages to better organize a road trip.

The idea was born following Momondo , who in these days is collecting advice on how to “ organize a successful road trip “.

So here I am thinking about my travels and trying to collect in a few lines suggestions and useful tips to transform a banal car journey into a wonderful and unforgettable road trip.

  1. Meta
    the first and fundamental question is the META: there are journeys that can be made on the road, others that make no sense. Maldives on the road .. a bit difficult I would say, here rather an on the beach or under the water ! Seriously, there are destinations that take on an irresistible charm if done “with four wheels”. I am thinking, for example, of the Western USA Parks , the Australian outbach or South Africa .

In principle, a road trip requires destinations where the journey is not so much about getting to a place, but the beauty of traveling in itself . Miles and miles of colors, landscapes that change with the hours of the day and asphalt that becomes your close friend.

the road trip par excellence is the journey by car. Choosing the right car is not a trivial thing, it can completely change the type of adventure.

So here is an off-road vehicle, with a tent on the hood to enjoy (and safely) the extraordinary landscapes of Namibia. Or a normal car to roam among cactus and granite boulders in Baja California .

To choose the car, I recommend you go to the various rental sites ( Momondo rentals for example) and check the type and costs. Renting a car is an activity that requires some time, there are many things to watch out for, I have summarized them on Tips for Renting a car – mini guide .

Remember to do all the checks, first of all ask what type of fuel the car uses and, above all, how the car works!


At the time, it was very difficult, at least for me, to decide the itinerary. I wanted to see this and that, to visit Sydney and see Ayer Rock. See the coral reef and also the mango plantations. In summary I wanted to see everything. But I ran into one “huge” thing: distances. The places on the map seemed so close, but instead they were 2,000 or 3,000 kilometers away. Full days of travel, hours and hours by car.

Living here, I must say that I too now measure everything in “travel hours”. Albany, it’s 5 hours. Shark Bay is 8 hours away, it means 800 kilometers. Oh yes, because once you get in the car, press the accelerator, you settle at 100 per hour, from there you don’t undo it, unless you decide to stop, because intersections and traffic lights don’t exist.

Itinerary no. 1- THE BEST OF AUSTRALIA: four jumps from Sydney to Darwin
The first of the australia itineraries is very similar to what I did at the time, and allows you to visit a bit all the main destinations of Australia , those known destinations, where you can discover Australian icons, such as Uluru or the Opera House. The ones you have to go to at least once in your life to say ” yes, I’ve been to the down-under continent “.

from sydney to dawin
Itinerary no. 2 – FROM ADELAIDE TO CAIRNS: Australia east coast
It is an itinerary dedicated to the eastern part of Australia, that is the most lively Australia, where most of the people live, where there are more cities and countries. Among the australia on the road itineraries, this is a super on the road itinerary, which starts from Adelaide, arrives in Cairns, passing through fabulous cities and landscapes. All strictly by car.

from adelaide to cairns

Route No. 3 – FROM PERTH TO PERTH: Australia west coast
The third of the Australian itineraries represents what for me is on the road in the down-under continent: a journey on red roads, the one in the middle of nowhere, accompanied by the blue sky and blue sea. You see that I live here, right? Joking aside, it’s one of the less traveled areas. Western Australia is one third of the Australian territory and only 2 and a half million inhabitants live there (out of 25 million throughout Australia). This tells you a lot about how little inhabited it is, and for this reason you are fascinated.

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