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If you love to travel and ever want to make the most of it, you cannot go without exploring Australia. With the biggest forests to the most amazing landscapes and wildlife, Australia has it all. With that said, Direct Airtours is an organization specializing in Tours in Australia that looks out for you as you make your attempt at exploring this diverse land.

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Direct Airtours puts immense emphasis on customer satisfaction and therefore blends the perfect mixture of all the best places to visit in Australia. This, we achieve through experienced guides that have lived most parts of their lives in different parts of Australia.

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The services that we provide to best utilize your adventure time in Australia are:

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Holiday Package


Day Tours

In addition to our complete guided holiday packages, we provide a more flexible tour that ranges for an entire day or half a day. These tours are for sightseeing and focus on the main attractions in Australia with the short duration that it is undertaken in.


Holiday Package

Our guided holiday services are for those tourists that want to dedicate their vacations to exploring Australia through and through. Customers in this service package get custom made itineraries to best utilize their time on holidays as they explore Australia. We cater to both natives and foreigners for these tours and explore accordingly.

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4 Ways to Plan a Romantic Weekend Getaway

This world is not short of romantic spots, the enthusiasts can plan all fifty-two weekends each year to cherish their moments together and will not fall short of the romantic destinations. But it’s all about the busy schedules of today’s life that makes it harder for two people to spend some quality time with each other. So here we are with four must-follow tips on how to plan and make the most of your next romantic weekend getaways nsw to rejuvenate your love away from the hassle of the daily routines.

Prefer destinations with inherent Nature

We understand that couples want to be with each other on romantic getaways but that does not mean that you don’t leave your hotel room and use room service the whole weekend. We suggest you choose a destination which has inherent nature to celebrate. The aura of jungles, mountains, or beaches disconnect you from the world and help you connect. Secondly and most importantly, leave your mobile phones and gadgets at the hotel to have an offbeat experience of your romantic getaway. The whole idea is to reignite the spark and these daily gadgets can blemish the concept.

Go offseason

Attaining these short romantic breaks in the form of weekend getaways has the aim of escaping the crowds and spend time with each other. So the better option is planning offseason. That way you will make the most of the time and the solitude the place offers. Busy hotels, bustling streets, and transport, long lines for popcorns, and movies would mar the charm of a romantic getaway.

Rent a secluded house

Though sunsets in splendid suits of skyscrapers never lose their charms, we would suggest you rent a private, romantic, or maybe a famous place for yourself near a waterfall or a beach or a forest whatever your taste is, to have one of its kind experience. Imagine a cottage amid the natural scenery, and you two are having a candlelight dinner and watching the starry sky late at night with your favorite drinks in hands, covered in blankets, enjoying the cold and slipping the kids, and the worldly hassles for a couple of days. This is probably the best surprise you can plan for your partner on your next weekend getaway.

Don’t try too hard

By calling it a romantic weekend getaway, you try hard to make it romantic and lovey-dovey and the harder you try the difficult it becomes to keep up and the whole offshoot ends in disappointment. The aim is to spend a memorable time with each other away from the hassle of daily life. So there you go, we will suggest you to keep your next romantic getaway a surprise for your partner till the end. After all, it’s just a matter of two nights so don’t plan much. Just keeping a hot spa, or walking on the beach, or drinks at the rooftop of your favorite bar or wearing your little black dress for the dinner is enough to make it romantic. Don’t just try too hard to please each other!


Looking back on the first road trips, I smile if I think of how many mistakes I made, how long it took me to organize them and I forgot something on time. The first on the road in Namibia was a disaster: we didn’t know the car, so that we spent hours in the sun with the car covered up just because we didn’t know that to activate the 4 × 4, just “turn a butterfly” was enough directly in the wheels!

So, I thought to summarize the main stages to better organize a road trip.

The idea was born following Momondo , who in these days is collecting advice on how to “ organize a successful road trip “.

So here I am thinking about my travels and trying to collect in a few lines suggestions and useful tips to transform a banal car journey into a wonderful and unforgettable road trip.

  1. Meta
    the first and fundamental question is the META: there are journeys that can be made on the road, others that make no sense. Maldives on the road .. a bit difficult I would say, here rather an on the beach or under the water ! Seriously, there are destinations that take on an irresistible charm if done “with four wheels”. I am thinking, for example, of the Western USA Parks , the Australian outbach or South Africa .

In principle, a road trip requires destinations where the journey is not so much about getting to a place, but the beauty of traveling in itself . Miles and miles of colors, landscapes that change with the hours of the day and asphalt that becomes your close friend.

the road trip par excellence is the journey by car. Choosing the right car is not a trivial thing, it can completely change the type of adventure.

So here is an off-road vehicle, with a tent on the hood to enjoy (and safely) the extraordinary landscapes of Namibia. Or a normal car to roam among cactus and granite boulders in Baja California .

To choose the car, I recommend you go to the various rental sites ( Momondo rentals for example) and check the type and costs. Renting a car is an activity that requires some time, there are many things to watch out for, I have summarized them on Tips for Renting a car – mini guide .

Remember to do all the checks, first of all ask what type of fuel the car uses and, above all, how the car works!


At the time, it was very difficult, at least for me, to decide the itinerary. I wanted to see this and that, to visit Sydney and see Ayer Rock. See the coral reef and also the mango plantations. In summary I wanted to see everything. But I ran into one “huge” thing: distances. The places on the map seemed so close, but instead they were 2,000 or 3,000 kilometers away. Full days of travel, hours and hours by car.

Living here, I must say that I too now measure everything in “travel hours”. Albany, it’s 5 hours. Shark Bay is 8 hours away, it means 800 kilometers. Oh yes, because once you get in the car, press the accelerator, you settle at 100 per hour, from there you don’t undo it, unless you decide to stop, because intersections and traffic lights don’t exist.

Itinerary no. 1- THE BEST OF AUSTRALIA: four jumps from Sydney to Darwin
The first of the australia itineraries is very similar to what I did at the time, and allows you to visit a bit all the main destinations of Australia , those known destinations, where you can discover Australian icons, such as Uluru or the Opera House. The ones you have to go to at least once in your life to say ” yes, I’ve been to the down-under continent “.

from sydney to dawin
Itinerary no. 2 – FROM ADELAIDE TO CAIRNS: Australia east coast
It is an itinerary dedicated to the eastern part of Australia, that is the most lively Australia, where most of the people live, where there are more cities and countries. Among the australia on the road itineraries, this is a super on the road itinerary, which starts from Adelaide, arrives in Cairns, passing through fabulous cities and landscapes. All strictly by car.

from adelaide to cairns

Route No. 3 – FROM PERTH TO PERTH: Australia west coast
The third of the Australian itineraries represents what for me is on the road in the down-under continent: a journey on red roads, the one in the middle of nowhere, accompanied by the blue sky and blue sea. You see that I live here, right? Joking aside, it’s one of the less traveled areas. Western Australia is one third of the Australian territory and only 2 and a half million inhabitants live there (out of 25 million throughout Australia). This tells you a lot about how little inhabited it is, and for this reason you are fascinated.

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