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Looking back on the first road trips, I smile if I think of how many mistakes I made, how long it took me to organize them and I forgot something on time. The first on the road in Namibia was a disaster: we didn’t know the car, so that we spent hours in the sun with the car covered up just because we didn’t know that to activate the 4 × 4, just “turn a butterfly” was enough directly in the wheels!

So, I thought to summarize the main stages to better organize a road trip.

The idea was born following Momondo , who in these days is collecting advice on how to “ organize a successful road trip “.

So here I am thinking about my travels and trying to collect in a few lines suggestions and useful tips to transform a banal car journey into a wonderful and unforgettable road trip.

  1. Meta
    the first and fundamental question is the META: there are journeys that can be made on the road, others that make no sense. Maldives on the road .. a bit difficult I would say, here rather an on the beach or under the water ! Seriously, there are destinations that take on an irresistible charm if done “with four wheels”. I am thinking, for example, of the Western USA Parks , the Australian outbach or South Africa .

In principle, a road trip requires destinations where the journey is not so much about getting to a place, but the beauty of traveling in itself . Miles and miles of colors, landscapes that change with the hours of the day and asphalt that becomes your close friend.

the road trip par excellence is the journey by car. Choosing the right car is not a trivial thing, it can completely change the type of adventure.

So here is an off-road vehicle, with a tent on the hood to enjoy (and safely) the extraordinary landscapes of Namibia. Or a normal car to roam among cactus and granite boulders in Baja California .

To choose the car, I recommend you go to the various rental sites ( Momondo rentals for example) and check the type and costs. Renting a car is an activity that requires some time, there are many things to watch out for, I have summarized them on Tips for Renting a car – mini guide .

Remember to do all the checks, first of all ask what type of fuel the car uses and, above all, how the car works!

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